Listen Up, World!

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Since our founding in 2018, The Wildling has been on a mission to empower youth to share bravely from their lived stories in a safe and meaningful way. We've helped kids and teens craft their narratives and express out loud, encouraging them to speak their minds, trust each other, and feel the power of being heard.

In 2023, we brought our program—our movement, a way of tapping into wellness through storytelling—to World Savvy. The Wildling was always about imprinting young people with a sense that who they are matters first and that they have a story to tell and share that will inform their learning path—with the right guidance and approach. When we heard World Savvy CEO Dana Mortenson share about “cultivating connections” as a core pillar of World Savvy’s model—and the belief that each learner is part of something bigger—her words felt like an arrow striking right at the heart of our mission at The Wildling.

We can’t wait to watch our program shine even brighter as we work together to reimagine what it looks like to cultivate connections in every classroom, making learning more personal and relevant for all people. This is a foundational belief we share as organizations. It is inspiring and expansive, and critical in this modern world to approach education in this way. It is essential.
wildling founders

Mekea Duffy and Megan Kaplan
Founders, sisters, educators, dreamers.

“Storytelling is as elemental as our own breath; it fills us up and makes us feel seen, but it takes guidance and practice to get there. That's why The Wildling exists – to set young voices free.”

- The Wildling Founders