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About Us


Who We Are

The Wildling is a project dedicated to developing young voices and listeners. We help kids and teens generate and share true stories, encouraging them to speak their minds, learn from each other, and feel the power of being heard.

What We Do

We host pop-up workshops and events throughout the year. Our coaches use an innovative program that emphasizes creative voice, individual growth, and truthful expression. Every Wildling experience culminates in a Story Jam.








Story Jamming

We applaud any participant willing to get up to the mic and share their story with their peers. Every session, we gather around “campfire style” and each Wildling gets a chance to try out their material. Storytellers are not judged on their performance, but celebrated for their bravery.



Our Coaches

We are stoked to be a part of your kid’s journey into the wilderness of unbridled expression and absolute fun. 


Megan Kaplan

magazine journalist, editor, creative writer


Mekea Duffy

literacy specialist, adjunct professor at the
U of M 


Kristin Nilsen

children’s author, live storyteller, librarian


Sumer Powell

SPCPA graduate, Normandale student, vocalist, model, youth mentor


Grace Chapdelaine

Edina high school student, actor, musician, youth mentor


Ellie Lippold-Johnson

middle school English teacher, former recruiter at the NYC Department of Education


Joe Aherns

actor, musician, owner of Darlin’ Jesse Music