Science Supports the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is as elemental as our own breath. It fills us up and makes us feel seen, but it takes guidance and practice to get there. That work, however, is its own reward. While we started with a mission to empower the next generation to find and tell their stories, we ended up discovering so much more. We found that when given the tools and the space, live storytelling cultivates personal well-being—both emotional and physical— while fostering empathy and community connection.

Research from psychologists, neuroscientists, and educators supports the idea that storytelling—tapping into that innate, core ability to share from ourselves—is the key to personal growth and learning. Knowing this, shouldn’t we coach and support that inborn gift? Shouldn’t education start by connecting individuals to themselves and each other first? Our answer is YES. Every time.

Read more  (link to article: Research into the Psychology and Benefits of Storytellingabout the scientific research demonstrating storytelling as fundamental to our social and emotional well-being, our mental health and our identity.

Testimonials & Voices of Support

We’ve anonymously surveyed every participant and are proud that 100% of our Wildlings said they would recommend our workshop to a friend and participate again. Pinch us! Here are just a few shout outs from educators, parents and our participants…

Founders / Story Coaches / Staff

“BBBV was a soulful experience that I will never forget. The bravery the girls exhibited in sharing their stories and allowing themselves to be vulnerable, has inspired me to continue to serve & pour into young black girls.”

—Alexis Barmon, Brown but BLACK Co-founder, Local Musician

Educators / Professionals

“The Wildling has demonstrated that you honor individual differences, and, in doing so, advances linkages through heartfelt, empathic, and kind communication through storytelling!”

—Michelle Abellera, Senior Psychiatric Social Worker, Hennepin Co. Northpoint Health and Wellness Clinic

“You’re teaching them to listen deeply and respectfully. To share/reveal deep and powerful life moments with others. To make sense of those life moments. To gather the lessons from our life experiences. From learning about story structure to hearing about the resilience and life experiences of others…”

—Tish Hammond, College Professor


“This morning, Graham ran back upstairs before the bus, saying “I want to bring my Wildling notebook today! You know, in case I get any free time to write.”

—Alisa, Parent

Such a loving, accepting vibe.  What a great gift to the kids to be able to celebrate openly who they are, and who they are becoming. Thank you, Wildling.

—Robyn, Parent


“My daughter now knows she is her own person, and everyone is unique and their own loving and caring way.”

—Kianna, Parent


Empowering is the first word that comes to mind when I reflect on the experience Harlow had with The Wildling. Writing and sharing her honest truths to a full room of eager and wholly present listeners. Thank you for giving our girl a safe and comfortable place to honor herself.

—Coryn, Parent


“I liked how there were no boundaries on what we were allowed to write about. The teachers made me feel very comfortable, it wasn’t awkward at all.

—Silas, Wildling Participant


“I didn’t want to get up and tell my story because I thought it would be too embarrassing in front of everybody.  After I heard other kids tell theirs, then I was fine, and I thought it was really, really fun.”

—Bennett, Wildling Participant