The Wildling mission is to empower youth to share bravely from their lived stories in a safe and meaningful way.

We give young people the courage and confidence to share their truths and listen to each other with open hearts—and to face each other with no filters.

We Believe

. . . that kids are the brave voices of our future and it is our job to help them unleash their stories and find their inner truths. We know that imprinting the value of knowing who you are and what you want to share creates long lasting wellness and a sense of purpose and value in the world.”


Mindfulness is the foundation to developing an authentic voice. We help our Wildlings pay attention to the present moment and clear away self-judgment—like getting lost in stories we tell ourselves that aren’t true. Our curriculum incorporates proven techniques that are effective in calming the mind and opening an intentional path.


You want to start fresh and free—to be unhindered in your ability to tell a story and create.”  - Megan

Equity and Inclusion

It is essential to our work that we establish an inclusive space and listen to people from all backgrounds. We believe in the value of bringing together a mix of Wildlings who are racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse. Diversity makes us better, stronger, and smarter.

summer jam

Knowing each other is the greatest weapon against indifference, discrimination, violence and fear.  Storytelling builds a peace bridge amongst young people. It makes them feel safe and united.”    - Mekea

Learning Approach

The Wildling is not like school. It is not a writing workshop, a public speaking workshop, or a performance workshop. Wildlings do not need to love being on stage, putting thoughts down on paper, or standing at a microphone. To be a Wildling, all you need is a willingness to learn about yourself and others.

We celebrate all learners. We know that real expression, change, and growth occurs when participants are motivated and engaged with relevant content and exercises. Our curriculum is equally intentional and fluid.

Coaches guide Wildlings on their journey in whole group, small group, and one-on-one settings. Every Wildling walks away a better communicator with the world and themselves.

Imagine a pair of hands at your back holding you there. That is what we teach our Wildlings every time—have each other’s backs no matter what.”  - Mekea

Values and Vision

Values: We believe that speaking your truth at a young age cultivates identity, empowerment, and self-love. We believe all voices matter, and that we are all better for truly hearing our own, and each other’s, truest stories. We believe that providing safe, supportive spaces for sharing and hearing each other - in person - is a rare gift for our adolescents in our current culture mediated by social media and constant access to global information. 

Vision: The Wildling is dedicated to developing young voices and listeners throughout the Twin Cities, creating community and connection by sharing our true stories, learning from each other, and feeling the power of being heard. We see a future where our youth can safely and authentically share their truths, in person, with each other.  

“The dynamism, the care, the supportive environment, and the attention to human truths is really important—and needed.”  - Megan