Our Educator Hub is a resource for educators implementing The Wildling in their own learning spaces. It houses a robust library of videos to accompany our Jambook exercises as well as story examples from Wildling participants, Story Coaches, and Teaching Artists–including published authors, actors, artists and experienced educators.

In addition, you will have access to a PDF of the Jambook for easy printing and a copy of our Wildling Google slides template.

If you’re interested in adding the The Wildling to your classes or would like to learn more, click here.



A message from our Founders

We look forward to connecting with you on your Wildling journey. Please reach out to us at any time with questions, ideas, and concerns: educate@thewildling.org

















Sample Jambook Videos

with  Lewie Blaze

with  Jo Ross

with  Shannon Gibney


"I know you get how great it is but using it in action with these kiddos has been incredibly therapeutic for them / me… I give them a choice at times to read or write and there’s nothing like watching them go get their Jambook and write unprompted. That’s why I love the back pages too. 

I already told my PTO that I need $$ for next year. Madly in love. Wildling!!"

- Teacher (Kathy Seipp, 4th Grade Teacher)

"It was a blast and heartwarming to hear students really open up and tell stories from their heart"

Teacher (Mykenna/Hopkins)

I work with a lot of kids whose learning differences make them quiet.

I want these kids to be heard. 

The Wildling helps kids to find their voices and they end up confidently standing in front of a microphone.

- Pediatric Neuropsychologist (Dr. Elizabeth Adams, Owner of Minnesota Neuropsychology, LLC )