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“The Wildling was a life changing moment not only for myself, but for my girls who joined from Southside Village. The entire concept behind The Wildling is exceptional and a necessity for our young boys and girls of this generation. At their age, I did not have the opportunity or exposure to acknowledge my voice and what it meant to have one. Just until a few years ago, after reaching my max of adversities, I was forced to find my voice. Not only for the process of healing but to help myself grow entirely. The fact that there is an organization such as The Wildling that gives kids the chance to develop that at a young age, is going to create the greatest young adults EVER. I can't wait to see the continued growth within the girls I brought and other attendees who may come in the near future.”

—Wainy Melake, Education Coordinator, Boys and Girls Club


“Thirteen 5th to 8th graders, including my own, faced a room filled with family and friends. Each shared their dreams, fears, accomplishments, and defining moments. They were amazing. And most importantly, they were heard.” 

—Jayne Haugen Olson, Editor, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine


“The Wildling has demonstrated that you honor individual differences, and, in doing so, advances linkages through heartfelt, empathic, and kind communication through storytelling! Your group continues to reduce existing disparities and inequities that keep teens apart. An uplifting experience in such a defining period of their lives.”

—Michelle Abellera, Senior Psychiatric Social Worker,
Hennepin County Northpoint Health and Wellness Clinic


“Thank you for letting me be a guest audience member this afternoon at one of your story jams. Now all I want to do is evangelize about your program to everyone I know. What a treat to hear the stories and a privilege to be with a group of people doing such good work.”
—Molly Hill, 
Founder, Blue Marble Review


“It has been so fun to see my son Cash's confidence and creativity enhanced from his experiences with the Wildling.”

“This morning, Graham ran back upstairs before the bus, saying “I want to bring my Wildling notebook today! You know, in case I get any free time to write.” Thank you for the kick ass program, guidance, and encouragement for all these amazing kiddos!”


“Amélie was calm and confident in sharing her story for all of us at the Final Jam. with the help of her coach, Kristin. As Amélie had been sick with laryngitis for the Final Story Jam, she wrote out her story and Kristin was her "voice." I could tell my daughter felt safe in sharing her very personal story in this amazingly supportive space. It was evident that all of the kids were being encouraged and guided in this very attuned way. Such a loving, accepting vibe.  What a great gift to the kids to be able to celebrate openly who they are, and who they are becoming. Thank you, Wildling.” —Robyn

“Just today Noah said, "Wildling WAS really fun, I'm glad you signed me up for it."  He truly enjoyed the experience and was comfortable sharing in the group environment.” —Shawna

“Oliver needs to get out of his comfort zone at times, and learn through other children, especially not in his own neighborhood. He is a strong speaker but doesn't usually have a chance to present to more than his own family or school classroom. To not only feel the encouragement from the Wildling instructors, but to see other kids shining and needing the support to speak, this experience grounded him like no other he's been a part of. Keep it up in all the ways you are working your magic!” —Wendy

“My daughter now knows she is her own person, and everyone is unique and their own loving and caring way. Make the session longer than 4 weeks!” —Kianna

“I appreciate that Giana had an outlet of peers to relate to and learn from, and thus encouraging her spirit and confidence while giving her tools to continue to grow and enjoy or find where her passion lies.” —Regina

“Iris feels like a better writer and I am so thankful she had that opportunity to grow and explore in such an inspiring and supportive environment. Thanks for “having her back”!”—Kristin

“Empowering is the first word that comes to mind when I reflect on the experience Harlow had with The Wildling. Writing and sharing her honest truths to a full room of eager and wholly present listeners. We couldn’t be more proud. What a profound experience for her, and for us. We hear you, Kid, and we will continue to listen. Megan and Mekea are dream makers. Thank you for giving our girl a safe and comfortable place to honor herself.” —Coryn

“I liked how there were no boundaries on what we were allowed to write about. The teachers made me feel very comfortable, it wasn’t awkward at all.” —Silas

“I didn’t want to get up and tell my story because I thought it would be too embarrassing in front of everybody.  After I heard other kids tell theirs, then I was fine, and I thought it was really, really fun. Some were really funny but some were really sad. Plus, there was candy, pizza, and cool notebooks we got to bring home.” —Bennett

“I wish this was 1,000 weeks long!” —Ruby

“It was an awesome experience! It made me feel more confident.” —Sarah

“I had a lot of fun and it really helped me become more confident in myself and in public speaking.” —Shayna

“Proud of my kid for going from, “I don’t want to go. I’m scared!” to “I love it! Can I do it again?!” The Wildling gives middle schoolers a safe and supportive environment to share their stories. Incredibly powerful! —Adam

“It was really fun and gave me a ton of exercises and confidence! You helped me get better at writing. I would totally do this again. Not lying. It was awesome.” -Zada 

“Your incredible workshop is truly brilliant and so powerful for these young girls - I am inspired by your passion and in awe of what you have put together and the gift you have with kids this age. Both Avery and Elizabeth have buzzed all the way home after sessions and they "wish it lasted a full year" - their words exactly.” —Jessica

“The Wildling is an amazing place where everyone is welcome and feels safe to speak their mind and not be judged. The staff is really supportive and kind. The Wildling all-around is a cool place to find your voice.” —Ava

“Sending our daughter to The Wildling was one of the best things we have done for her.  A lot of kids have so much stored up inside, often times left unexpressed, and often not coming out until adulthood or ever.  Wildlings have offered a safe and loving environment for that expression to not just come out, but to shine forth lighting the way for others to feel inspired. I feel The Wildling is a connecting place for kids to truly feel themselves, how marvelous they are and let it out.” —Shayla

“I see my daughter being empowered. She feels good about getting up in front of people and speaking. When i asked her why she liked it she said, “I think it’s really fun to be able to write something down, work through it, and then get up in front of people and share it.” Bingo. You’ve tapped into something really special here.” —Krista

“You get to express yourself in a way that you never have before.” —Magda

“I can’t stop thinking about how comfortable you all made Mason feel and how beneficial it was for him to share and feel acceptance, while opening up about personal struggles. The Wildling is an amazing opportunity for kids to find comfort in being an individual—during the crazy teen years when being different is so difficult.  The staff were positive, energetic, accepting and wonderful leaders. Mason was eager to go every Saturday and was all smiles when we picked him up. He felt confidence that he has not felt before. He felt good sharing and expressing himself; which normally is terrifying for him and causes much anxiety. Sharing his struggles made him feel good and gave him hope that his words will help someone else.”

"I had so much fun just sharing my story in front of people… even though I am very very terrified of sharing.  It helped me realize that people are there to listen, no matter what. I felt that it was meaningful to me—to get my story out there, even if it was just for 40-50 people.  It made me feel extremely welcome and happy and I would do it again next week!!”—Mason

“The Wildling definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone because I normally wouldn’t want to get up in front of a bunch of people and tell a story from my life. I did, though, and when I finished I was like, ‘Hey, this isn’t that bad, and when I sat down I felt good that I did it. The Wilding definitely pushed me to make something good.”—Sammy

“A wonderful, important thing that you’ve done! Greta had a fantastic time, and her only complaint was that it was too short, she wanted more! She asks me daily when she can do it again.” —Kayt

“I just love what you're doing. Authentic. Full of joy. Needed. I wish you massive puffy clouds of success for your fledgling, your Wildling.”—Kristi

“Our daughter had an incredible experience at The Wilding! She was very nervous about speaking in front of the other kids during the workshops and was sure she wouldn’t be able to talk in front of an even larger group of people at the end of the program event.  We knew that participating in The Wilding would push her outside her comfort zone but we had heard great things about the program and thought this would be an opportunity for her to build confidence in sharing her voice. We were so psyched when she came home after the first session saying that she had an awesome time, met some really nice people, and felt comfortable sharing with the group—and couldn’t wait to go back! The environment celebrates differences, and helped our daughter feel accepted, seen, heard and in turn allowed her to work through her anxieties”  —Kim

“My two participated in The Wildling workshop today and loved it! Thanks to the whole staff for inspiring kids to find their voice and share it fearlessly!” —Katie

“The Wildling has struck again! This is not the same girl I dropped off this morning who told me she would NEVER get up and tell her story on the mic. The Wildling worked its magic and the next thing you know these girls are doing courageous and brave things and cheering each other on to be bold and speak their truth. So grateful!”—Genevieve

"My daughter had an incredible experience being a part of the Wildling.  She felt safe, respected, and apparently she even volunteered to "Speak her Truth" first.  We are grateful that she found a platform in which she could connect to others in a meaningful way.  Thank you for your dedication in creating such a sacred space for all youth as they are trying to make sense of their world and develop into themselves! Ellie has worn her microphone pin every day since.” —Nikki 

"I loved listening to the teachers telling stories. It gave me ideas and it was fun to hear from them. My favorite part was working in a small group to get input on my story without being in a ginormous group. I learned to slow down, not worry about the audience and just tell my story.”—Ainsley

“Wonderful, truthful, inspiring, empowering, and thoughtful. Isabella came home smiling, talking, and sharing. She expressed that the workshop was different and cared about her voice. Thank you for giving her that. Much gratitude! —Tina