What if we Shared our Storytelling Toolbox?

We realized there was a growing need for a curriculum like The Wildling a few years ago when educators started reaching out to us asking for help. At a time when everyone felt particularly far apart, social emotional learning (SEL) through a storytelling lens was a simple and effective way to bring us back together. We always knew the best people to implement our program were the educators themselves; they understand their students and participants and have the chance to connect with them on a regular basis. We began hosting professional trainings with small and large groups and the result has been really successful.  By experiencing The Wildling themselves, participants truly understand the simplicity and the power behind our methods.  

If you’re interested in a Wildling professional training or would like to learn more, contact us.

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“Being in education I have also wanted to extend my reach within education, outside of the building I work in, and being a Wilding Coach is a great way for me to accomplish that goal. I found great ways that I could implement what the Wildling does in its workshops into the postsecondary work I do with students—and have ideas about how our teachers can implement some of this in their curriculum to create more meaningful class engagement.”

—Donté Wilkins, Story Coach, Career and College Coordinator at Achieve Minneapolis

“The Wildling is doing such vital work by giving under-represented voices the opportunity they deserve to have their story spoken out loud, heard, written, and passed down which makes me more than excited to begin my journey as a story coach!”

—Kai Benson, Story Coach, Editor at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation