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Mad Props





“It was really fun and gave me a ton of exercises and confidence! You helped me get better at writing. I would totally do this again. Not lying. It was awesome.” Zada


"It's fun to get other writers' reactions to your material first hand." —Oscar


“The Wildling is an amazing place where everyone is welcome and feels safe to speak their mind and not be judged. The staff is really supportive and kind. The Wildling all-around is a cool place to find your voice.” —Ava


“I didn’t want to get up and tell my story because I thought it would be too embarrassing in front of everybody.  After I heard other kids tell theirs, then I was fine, and I thought it was really, really fun. I liked hearing other kids’ stories—some were really funny but some were really sad. Plus, I also like that we got candy and cool notebooks.” —Bennett


“You get to express yourself in a way that you never have before.” —Magda


I liked how there were no boundaries on what we were allowed to write about. The coaches made me feel very comfortable, it wasn't awkward at all. —Silas


“Sending our daughter to The Wildling was one of the best things we have done for her.  A lot of kids have so much stored up inside, often times left unexpressed, and often not coming out until adulthood or ever.  Wildlings has offered a safe and loving environment for that expression to not just come out, but to shine forth lighting the way for others to feel inspired. I feel The Wildling is a connecting place for kids to truly feel themselves, how marvelous they are and let it out.” —Shayla


“I see my daughter being empowered. She feels good about getting up in front of people and speaking. When I asked her why she liked it she said, 'I think it’s really fun to be able to write something down, work through it, and then get up in front of people and share it.' Bingo. You’ve tapped into something really special here.” —Krista


“Your incredible workshop is truly brilliant and so powerful for these young girls - I am inspired by your passion and in awe of what you have put together and the gift you have with kids this age. Both Avery and Elizabeth have buzzed all the way home after sessions and they "wish it lasted a full year" - their words exactly.” —Jessica