Welcome to the Wildling Story Booth!

What story from when you were young still replays in your mind today?

We want to know!
The Wildling is in early development on a special project with filmmaker Maribeth Romslo to capture childhood and teenage tales that shape who we are. Will you share yours? To continue on this adventure with us, scroll down.

We only need a few pieces of information so we can contact you—and so that we know you’re not a robot!

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We’re so glad you came, and can’t wait to listen to your walk down memory lane. We’ve all encountered a time in our past that sticks with us, haunts us, puzzles us, delights us, stands out as a moment that shaped us or that we can’t shake.

We want to know the details of that experience, and we pinky promise we won’t share your story without your permission. We are story archeologists—learning through listening—and yours matters to us.

Storytellers of all ages are welcome. If you’re 10 years old, and wish to share a story from when you were 5, go for it. If you’re 70, and want to reminisce about age 17, we want to know.