Welcome to The Wildling Story Booth

Your story matters, and we want to hear it. The Wildling Story Booth is a special project in partnership with filmmaker Maribeth Romslo to capture youth audio stories that shape who we are. Story recordings will be published in a showcase on The Wildling website.

If you are 18 or younger, you are invited to be part of our first Story Booth "Capsule", a collection of audio stories around a theme — Stories from the Pandemic. Let's get started!

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian needs to complete our Permission & Consent Form.

Story Booth FAQs

Is there a deadline for participation in this Capsule?

You have until August 15th to submit to this Capsule!

What are the important steps of the Story Booth process?

The first step is completing the Permission and Release form.  The second is filling out the survey.  When you finish the survey, check your email.  There should be a reply from the Wildling Story Booth team with support and directions for developing and eventually sharing your story on our audio platform.

Why are you collecting personal information in the survey?

We only collect a few bits of personal information so we can connect with participants for publication and understand who our storytellers are.

Will stories be videotaped?

Stories are audio recorded. There is not a video recording option.

What happens after I record my story?
Will my story automatically be showcased on the website after submitting?

After you record your story, we will be in touch with you through email. Submissions will be reviewed and lightly edited and will not be published until the storyteller approves.

What if I want to share a story but I don’t want it to be showcased?

We will only publish your story if you feel comfortable doing so.

What if I want to participate but need help developing my story?

At any time, our Coaches are available to help: please email to reach Story Booth Coaches Megan, Mekea, and Maribeth.

Do I have to fill out the worksheets or complete the activities sent with the followup email?

No. If you are ready to write our and share your story, you do not need to use the tools we provide. We’ve included the tools to support storytellers who need help with idea generating, editing, and organizing ideas.

Is there a time limit to my story?

There is a five minute limit to story recordings in the Story Booth. The Wildling stories are generally up to three minutes long but if you feel you have more to say, or if your story is shorter, that is totally ok.

Will participants be acknowledged or rewarded for participating?

The first 50 submissions that go through the review and publication process with The Wildling will receive $10 Honorariums, thanks to a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant.

When will the stories from this capsule be showcased and what will the showcase be?

The “Capsule: Stories from the Pandemic” artistic digital showcase will unfold later this year, and will be open to the public.

Can I listen to a sample audio story?

If you need assistance or have questions, email us at We are here to help!