What if we give young people the chance to tell their stories?

This was the question that sparked the very first Wildling workshop in 2018.  Since then, we’ve seen a growing hunger from youth to find their stories, tell them aloud, and feel the transformative power of being seen and heard in this fast-moving world. We’ve played, tested, and adapted our curriculum to work in a variety of learning environments with a wide range of participants in the Twin Cities and have successfully led programs inside and outside of the classroom hosted by schools and local organizations.  Learn more about our Story Booth, Workshops and Ways to Partner.

We are born storytellers. It is part of our universal DNA. Every lived moment holds meaning and purpose and helps us design who we are and where we are going. The key to this life-affirming gift is sharing those experiences with ourselves and other people. In doing so, we learn who WE are while learning who OTHERS are. We recognize how our identities are integrally connected.

Megan and MekeaThe Wildling Founders