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Showcase: Imagine Something Bigger

Imagine Something Bigger is a collection of stories from youth and young adults dreaming about the future. In this inspiring Story Booth capsule, young people share stories about trailblazers they admire, how they envision changing the world for the better, and how they are dreaming and reaching for goals.

Thank you to our youth contributors! This project wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Minnesota State Arts Board and our partnership with the Ann Bancroft Foundation. We also have stories from several voices in the learning communities at Saint Paul Academy, Lake Country School, GAP School, and Menlo Park Academy.

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The Ann Bancroft Foundation envisions a world in which all who identify as a girl have a chance to live their dream and reach their full potential. Ann Bancroft Foundation youth are supported in living their dreams and imagining something bigger through grants, mentorship and ongoing development.

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Anushka // 12th grade

“My passion in the fields of technology and healthcare makes me dream big as the world is shrinking, with rapid changes in technology.”

Bukunmi // 11th grade

“Making history should be defined as the moments in life when we’ve struggled and overcome, cried, smiled, fallen, gotten back up, made mistakes, and learned from them.”

Htee // 12th grade

“I want to use my voice to convince people that war is bad. Everybody deserve fairness and peace.”

Kate // 11th grade

“I hope I will contribute to the development of a theory that applies all four forces to quantum mechanics. This motivates me to continue to learn and discover because of the possibility that I could further humanity’s knowledge of the fundamentals of our universe and existence.”

Hema // Age 19

“Young people are expected to both inherit and save our fractured world.”

Kaliah // 11th grade

“My dad is someone who supports my dream. I started drawing. I would come home and show my dad and he would say, ‘looks great kid, keep up with the good work’.”

Jorja // 12th grade

“I sought to connect with those who may have faced a similar battle, reassuring them that they were not alone. And for myself, I learned to understand and forgive my dad.”

Tyson // 12th grade

“If we don’t give everyone a fair shot, we will lose so much potential that would otherwise be blocked.”

Joseline // 12th grade

“I want to make sure I can pave a positive way for myself, and having stability for myself.”

Ameyir // 12th grade

“I will show the world there’s more than just black and white. And I will use my degree and voice to make sure that people are seen in this world and heard.”

Sunde // 9th grade

“Interacting with strangers on the subway is one of the simple joys I found in life because it reminds me that we’re all in this together.”

Kumaal // 5th grade

“When I was watching the news about Russia taking over Ukraine, it struck me like lightning.”

James // 12th grade

“My teammates respected I mean I respected them. We shared good stories.”

Sofia // 9th grade

“Dance is an art form in which you can express feeling without a single word. It is a place in which not everything has to be understood to be received.”

Margaret // 10th grade

“I believe the odds of how realistic a dream can be are determined by how much you believe in yourself and are able to think outside the box.”

Murwat // 11th grade

“Growing up there have been times where I felt small felt as if I didn’t matter. I still think like that sometimes, but I believe it’s worth considering how we matter as people.”

DeAngelo // 12th grade

“You got a lot to live for, you know, you never know what’s out there in the world that’s there for you.”

Fojay // 12th grade

“Whoever you have around you depends on how you’re gonna be in life and how you’re gonna act.”

Josefina // 5th grade

“Frida Kahlo is a trailblazer. I look up to her. Frida shows me that I can do anything I put my mind to. She shows me to be fierce when things are tough.”

Sammy // 11th grade

“In order to imagine a better would mean working towards a more just an inclusive society, where all other individuals have equal rights and opportunities regardless of their background.”

Mathais // 6th grade

“My parents are always there for me and always proud and willing to support my goals.”

Isabelle // 12th grade

“Placing another life at the center of my little solar system, reshapes my need to be perfect into a desire to be helpful.”

Sierra // 12th grade

“This is what imagining bigger looks like to me — encouraging others to be involved in new things that you think they will enjoy.”

Lina // 9th grade

“I’ve grown up in Minnesota. But it’s not all that I’ve known. My dad is Tunisian. I have two half siblings who live in Tunisia along with his whole side of the family.”

Benny // 12th grade

“The world has been continuously ending since I can remember. Not even just the pandemic, but politics, climate change capitalism.”


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