Our New Capsule is Live! Let’s Talk About Race

"Race is everywhere around us: In the friends we choose, where we live and go to school, even who we love and who we hate."

For this Capsule, "Let’s Talk About Race," we are inviting storytellers 18 and under to share their personal thoughts and experiences about how race and racism impact their lives.

Race is especially present in the stories we tell, how we hear the stories of others, or if we even hear certain stories at all, for that matter. Even though race doesn’t exist in the biological sense (there is no gene for blackness, for example), it would be hard to find another force in our society more powerful.

Minnesota State Arts Board logoThank you to all of our youth contributors, and a special shout out to the Minnesota State Arts Board and Children’s Theatre Company for your support of this project.

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Story Booth Capsule: Let's Talk About Race

Listen to these sample stories: