In the summer of 2018, a group of middle schoolers bravely stepped up to a mic, one by one, to share a diverse range of lived experiences in front of their peers, all of whom were listening with open hearts. It was our first Wildling workshop and it inspired us to keep going.

While the core of what we do in each Wildling workshop stays the same, the experience is uniquely guided by the group of storytellers participating.  We carefully select a team of Story Coaches to plan lessons using exercises from our Jambook to scaffold the process of story development and presentation. Every workshop culminates in a Story Jam, when we gather around the mic to share in front of an audience of peers (and sometimes special guests). It’s part of our specialty.

" The Wildling means stepping into your power. It’s exploring your authentic self without judgment. It’s sharing stories, fear, laughter, and building confidence, knowing we are not alone."

-Wildling participant


"The BBBV [Brown But Black Voices] was truly transformational for myself and I know for the young girls. Being able to share space with black women and girls and sharing our stories and experiences that bring us together and ones that make us unique and individuals was a breath of fresh air. I cried because I felt so healed and free. I saw firsthand how storytelling is a powerful tool! Thank you to the Wilding."

- Teacher (Khadijah Lamah, 2nd grade teacher, Northeast College Prep)

"Participating in the Wildling Story Booth program truly impacted me so much and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it... I was never given a chance to unpack how hard times of Covid were for me fully, and being a part of the story booth gave me that chance. I was able to tell a story that was important to me and share it with others who might connect with how I feel without the occasional stress of an in-person performance. Hearing the stories of other participants my age also helped me feel less alone because I was able to listen to people going through some of the same emotions and experiences as me."

– -Wildling Participant (Grace Duffy)

“Thirteen 5th to 8th graders, including my own, faced a room filled with family and friends. Each shared their dreams, fears, accomplishments, and defining moments. They were amazing. And most importantly, they were heard.”

-Parent & Editor (Jayne Haugen Olson parent  Editor, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine)